Kathe og Jens` hjemmeside            e-mail:  kathejens@tkjaer.dk
Mellem San Fransisco og Los Angeles                                                                                              Yosemite National park

Billeder fra vor tur i Californien, Arizona og Nevada i oktober 2006.

Godt nytår - Happy new year  


Goldfisher on the westcoast                                                        Golden Gate, San Francisco


A cactus is weighing several ton`                 Tango in Los Angeles

On trip with Jens`s cusin Palle, Tucson, Arizona.

Dear Blanche, Palle, Ingrid and Hans Christian: Thank`s for some good day`s in Tuscon.


Blanche and Jens, Tuscon

Herluf, Connie, Kathe and Jens in Los Angeles.

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